venerdì 10 giugno 2016

CV       Alessia Cordini    

Work Experience


Sept 2017  – Mai 2018      The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily , feature film
                                             Background color.
                                               Prima Linea production, Paris.

Sept 2016- Aug 2017          “Max et Maestro”, tv series.
                                               Background Design.
                                               Monello Production.

Mai. 2106                           Teaser  for a Project in development
                                            Background color.
                                            Cartoon Saloon.

Apr. 2106                           “Tombé du nid”, feature film teaser.
                                            Background color.
                                            Je suis bien content.

Jan. – Fevr. 2016               “The Prince”, feature film teaser.
                                            Background color.
                                             CG Lux Production SA.

Sept – Nov 2015                 “Puffin Rock” , tv series.
                                             Background color.
                                             Cartoon Saloon, Dog Ears,Penguin Random House.     

Sept – Nov 2014                 “Red Turtle ”, feature film.
                                              Background color.
                                              Studio Ghibli/Why Not prod/Wild Bunch/ Prima Linea production.

Mai 2014 – Aug.2014         “On-Off ”, tv series.
                                                Layout – Background color.                                         
                                                Normaal Animation.

Sept.2012-Fevr.2014           “Copy cut ”, tv series.
                                                Layout – Background color.
                                                Normaal Animation.

Sept.2013 – Sept2013         “Peanuts” pilot, tv series.
(1 mois)                                  Color and design, visual and artistic development.
                                                Normaal animation.

Mai 2011- Jan. 2012            “Pinocchio the Movie ”, feature film.
                                              Background color.
                                                Cometafilm, Iris Production, Walking The Dog.
2011 – 3mois                       “Il etait une fois”, a Lorenzo Mattotti project.
                                                Assistant art direction and animation.
                                                Prima Linea production.

     2009 -2010                          Il volo di Chavez”,  short movie.
                                                    Art director, background artist.
                                                   El Merendero”, short movie.
                                                     Background color.
                                                   “TV Cartoni &Canzoni”.

                                                  Orzowei,  short movie.
                                                    Background color.
                                             TV Cartoni &Canzoni”.
2008-2009                        Kerity – La maison des contes”, feature film.
                                               Background color.
                                               Alphanim-Gaumont, La Fabrique, Lanterna Magica production.

2008                                    “Medusa” short movie. 
                                              Art director, background artist.
                                              short movie by Fredo Valla and Francesco Vecchi.
                                            “Boxes”     Videoclip. 
                                              Background artist.
                                              Mckowen De Vita Production.
                                            “Lighting fish” Videoclip.
                                              Art director, background artist.
                                            “Cravendale” advertising.
                                             Flash  animator. 
2007                                    “Lily Allen and Mark Ronson”  Videoclip (Sony).
                                             Background color., Flash animator.
                                             Mckowen De Vita production.

2006-2008                          Cartoon Network Italy in London.
                                              Background artist, Flash animator, art direction, character design.

 Graduation film
In 2005 I participated in making two graduation short films:

“Mattia va al mare”   (“Mattia goes to the sea side”) 4.50 minutes.
“One at the time”        (“One at the time”) 5 minutes.
In “Mattia va al mare” Art direction, style concept, backgrounds, I animated about 1 minute of the
film; in “One at the time” Art direction, style concept and backgrounds.

12/2005 Diploma in Classical animation at Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, animation departement
in Turin.
02/2000 First Class Degree in Painting, Accademia delle Belle Arti, Venezia ... 110 cum laude.
07/1993 Diploma in Fine Arts – High School Verona … 54/60.

04/2006-07/2006 internship at Cartoon Network,Turner Broadcasting, London;
06/2003 colouring internship with Softimage Toonz at the studio Colourland, Milano

Computer skills
Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash.

Quite good knowledge of the English language (living in London from 2006 to 2008, three
preparation courses at the Westminster college)

2008    Screening   at Faber   multimedia   “Mattia va al mare”.
            Screening   at Faber   multimedia    One at the time”.
2007    Screening   at 4th China international Animation and Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF2007)
                                   “Mattia va al mare”;
            Screening   at  4th China international Animation and Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF2007)
                                   “One at the time”;
            Selection    at  Cartoon d’Or ,“One at the time”;
            Screening   at  14th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, One at the time”;
2006    Screening   at  Annecy film Festival: “Mattia va al mare”, official Selection graduation film;
            Screening   at  Annecy film Festival:  One at the time”, official Selection graduation film.

    Winner 1st prize  at Castelli animati film Festival, “One at the time”;

2005    Screening    at  Annecy film Festival: “Sensi”, a short film from Mario Addis’idea.
                                    ( I directing and producting one of the five short movie “Olfatto” 40 sec.,
                                    official Selection graduation film).